Can a Virtual Assistant save you money?

In this climate of cutbacks and budget squeezes, administrative support staff are often the first to go, leaving an administrative burden on those left behind which detracts from time spent on billable or qualified work. With the ever developing digital world, it is now easier than ever to outsource this often critical, low return, but time hungry work to a virtual assistant – an experienced contractor that works remotely.

A virtual personal assistant can take the strain of a business’s administrative needs without being a costly option. With no holiday or sickness pay to cover, no pension or health benefit contributions to make, no office space or equipment requirements, the only cost is their time. Typically charged by the hour, all business costs are included in the hourly rate, including tax and national insurance, as these are paid directly by the VA.

Engaging the services of a VA gives you the flexibility to only pay for their time when you actually need it (no overtime payments!), as opposed to a full time, salaried employee who is getting paid just to be there, not for the tasks they do. With the added bonus of having the support of a highly experienced and qualified professional without the recruitment expenses.

The once popular alternative of employing an agency temp for project or seasonal specific busy periods has many costly downsides. Aside from the agency fees, there is no guarantee that the same person will be sent each time so it is difficult to develop a relationship and there may be recurring training requirements. With a virtual PA, you can build a working relationship that will remain regardless of gaps in working together, and they will only need to be shown how you work once. In addition, agency temps need office space and equipment and are being paid for breaks and non-productive time, unlike a VA who is set-up and ready to go from their own space.

When the cost savings are considered holistically in this way, the idea of having a personal assistant suddenly seems to be within reach for even the smallest business, lone entrepreneur or creative.

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